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Here's gonna be my (largely unfinished) work. Once I figure it out. I'm mostly using Soundcloud these days.
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I was forced to play the guitar, aged 8 or 9 I guess. 2 older brothers, and me, the gawky geeky one. It didn't really work. Or probably it did. My mum loved it of course...that's what mum's do! I gave it up as soon as I could aged 13, having had enough of my guitar teacher and music scales and classical guitar... But hey, when I got off to college at 18, the guys loved my (a bit rusty) playing! The girls too. So I tried to remember, learn, and get good. Didn't really manage it, but these days (many years later, gulp!) I try to write my own stuff.
I use a Windows PC, Cakewalk Roland USB interface, Rode NT1A mic, and Mixcraft 6 Pro DAW. Simple, low budget stuff. What on earth am I talking about? Computer-y stuff. "You should be off baking cakes or sewing!", I hear you say. Well, screw you. Or something.

What about my music influences?
Well...I like to think Kate Bush of course...in the drums in middle8 of "Running on Empty"...like in Hounds of Love,  or Elliot Smith's soundtrack for Good Will Hunting with my "Touching the Sky" piece.  One good friend even suggested The Stranglers!  Makes some sense. Or maybe not. Lloyd Cole's guitaring, and some pretentious phrases are also probably in there...he's my hero.

"Are Ya Happy Now" below is a very simple song, recorded in 2010? Using Mixcraft v5. I'm very inexperienced at this, so the stereo image is simple. The lyrics? About depression. But a deliberately chirpy sound to mask that ;-) "Sometime Later" is a simple song and demo written from nothing and recorded on my phone inside a couple of hours. So that's something in itself I think.

All music (c) Lyra Rhodes, Cakes And Guitars 2009, 2010, 2013.

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